Registered Designs

A strategic asset for your company, a registered industrial design protects the appearance or aesthetic features of your products. Establishing ownership of industrial property, a registered design confers an exclusive right upon its holder,
who may be the designer or a company, for a set period and within a set territory.


  • GPI is bound by the code of professional conduct of Patent & Trademark Attorneys (in particular professional secrecy) and is a member of the Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (CNCPI, France’s Patent and Trademark Attorneys Professional Organization).
  • Qualified to represent its clients with the French (INPI), International (WIPO), and European (EPO) Patent and Trademark Offices, GPI is also authorised to represent you with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE/IPI).


We put the skills and experience of our Experts at your disposal for preparing and drafting your design applications, in compliance with the practices of the Offices all over the world.


  • We develop and implement a design application strategy procuring optimum protection, both in France and internationally, that is dovetailed to your development policy and to your budget constraints.
  • We draft analyses and consultations regarding validity and availability of your designs, on the basis of design availability
  • We work out a strategy with you for adding value to and exploiting your intellectual property assets.
  • We help you with contractual matters, in particular for implementing the strategy that we have defined for adding value to and exploiting your property assets.


  • We conduct availability searches for making sure the design is novel and has its own individual character.
  • We handle monitoring and managing of your applications and case files.
  • We are thorough in monitoring and keeping track of registration proceedings for your designs.
  • We keep a look out for notifications from the Offices, backed up by defence and reply strategies.
  • We remain constantly vigilant to ensure your registered designs are maintained in force throughout their lives, by managing the time frames and deadlines that are specific to each Office.

Defending your rights

  • We advise you and represent you in proceedings before the relevant Offices.
  • We analyse whether taking action and/or coming to an amicable settlement with your opponent would be appropriate.
  • We advise and support you in upholding your rights before the relevant boards, divisions, and courts, in close collaboration with Attorneys at Law specializing in Intellectual Property (including the Law Firm GPI Avocats). This makes for a winning team that combines Trademark & Design Attorneys with Intellectual Property Lawyers!